Please be aware…

Whether you choose to use the National Driving Centre as your training provider or an agency/broker or another training company, we feel that it is important that when choosing you should take into consideration the following points.

These are all things that you probably wouldn’t think about until it’s too late.

Are you paying extra for the assessment?

NDC assessments are FREE. It is important that you go out in the vehicle of your choice, you meet us and we meet you to ensure you get the right course.

Will other training companies want all of your money up front when booking even if your course is months away?

NDC only require a deposit, the rest is payable on starting.

Will you be fairly local to your training company or have to travel miles?

NDC is in Croydon, south London and on all major transport routes, bus, train and tram. We have our own secure car park on site.

Will the test centre be a long way from where you are training?

NDC is a Government approved test centre so you train and test at the same place.

Does your training package include all three theory tests including Module 2?

NDC include all theory tests.

If you should fail your practical test, how long will you have to wait for a re-test?

NDC being a test centre, have their own tests so long waits do not happen.

How much are you paying for your re-test?

NDC charge £280 ex VAT/ £313 inc VAT. It is very difficult to go to another training provider if you do not like the price of a re-test. So, find this out beforehand. You will probably be in a different area for the test, in a different vehicle with which you would need familiarisation in. That costs money. Your money. They know that, so can charge you whatever they like.

Are you being charged for an extra day’s course to learn the CPC Module 4 and then charged again to sit the test? It can be up to £330 and when is that course? You cannot drive professionally until you have passed the Module 2 and 4. It’s the law.

NDC include the CPC Module 4 in their course. It is taught during the time you are with us, taking the exam during that time before your practical test. You do not need a separate course for the Module 4. It’s not that hard to do. So, when you leave us you can start working and earning. That’s why you wanted the course in the first place. So don’t be stung with hidden extras.

We hide nothing at NDC – what you see is what you get!

All we are saying is do your research, compare like with like and don’t get stung!

It all may seem very confusing just to drive a big vehicle. With all the tests and the meaning of lots of different things it can seem quite complicated but in fact, it’s really simple once it’s broken it down into small pieces.

All your questions big or small answered here. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions.

"Test where you train"

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