HGV / LGV Driver Training Videos

At the National Driving Centre we like to do things differently. We’ve been doing things differently for over 50 years!

Constantly developing the best teaching and training techniques for lorry and bus drivers, we offer something truly special and unique to every driver we train.

In 2014 we were one of the first private LGV / PCV test centres in the UK and still something very rare to find!

But what does that actually mean? Quite simply, you ‘Test where you train’!

This has resulted in a fantastic return of people gaining their lorry and bus licences in a calm and private environment.

We have created informative HGV/LGV Bus driver training videos to aid you with your practical driving course. We send them to you before the course to give you the best possible head start with your LGV/PCV Bus training!

So once again, coupled with a private test centre, you are completely prepared, relaxed and ready to go when getting your chosen lorry or bus licence!

We have made videos answering your questions like these in an easy to understand and enjoyable way!
We have plenty more HGV / LGV driver training videos on our YouTube channel, so check us out!

New Year, New Career!

Start your journey to your new licence now:

Get your D2 & D4 forms from us and get ready to train and test at our DVSA test centre. 

Once your forms are sorted we can book your training ready to start your the New Year with new career. 

NDC have over 25 years of experience, over 500+ 5 star reviews on Google – test and train with an industry leader.

Get a head start by applying for your provisional entitlement NOW!

Information about training at NDC during COVID

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