Hiab Lorry Loader Training in London

Swivel Hook
Brick Grab

Fantastic value Hiab Lorry Loader Training Courses from only £725 for Two Attachments!!

Lorry loader swivel hook

Swivel Hook

For transporting:

Bags of soil/sand/ballast
Chains to lift cars

Clam shell lorry loader


For transporting:

General rubbish removal

Lorry loader brick grab

Brick Grab

For transporting:

Bricks/blocks/bags of aggregate
Fencing items

  • One day Hiab Lorry Loader courses start from only £425 for experienced and two day courses only £725 for inexperienced operators!
  • For Lorry Loader and Hiab training near you, call: 020 8688 4666
  • All Lorry Loader training includes the ALLMI Operators Manual and your registration with ALLMI within the course price
  • It is not an extra you have to pay on top of your practical course!
  • Your Hiab Lorry Loader Course is certified by ALLMI which is approved by CSCS
  •  Your ALLMI Lorry Loader Licence will give you a 20TM authorisation which would cover you for all general lifting conditions
  • Your training will take place at our centre in Croydon where there is plenty of free onsite parking and excellent public transport links
  • Your Lorry Loader training cost need not be a small fortune with our ‘All Inclusive Courses!
  • Whether you need swivel hook, brick grab or clamshell, NDC can offer them all!
  • Two attachments for an All Inclusive’ price of £725, is a great deal!
  • No hidden extras here!
  • Manual or remote control – we can cover them all!
  • We even supply the tea and coffee!

Hiab Lorry Loader Training: TWO Attachments! Brick, Clamshell or Hook for £725 and £425 for refresher! Allmi accredited: All Inclusive! When deciding on which type of Lorry Loader training or attachments you need, please bear mind that only two attachments can be taught on a two-day course whether with manual or remote control. You would have to return for another course for the third attachment. So to keep your Hiab Lorry Loader training costs down, please think very carefully about what you want to do so you can choose the right attachment for you. Please call and ask for advice if in doubt. It’s FREE

Tips for training to get your HIAB Lorry Loader Licence - Lorry Loader and HIAB training

In this video, Paul one of our great instructors will give you a taster of ALLMI Lorry loader training. Also known as HIAB training.

The principles are largely the same and ALLMI is the gold standard when it comes to Lorry Loader training! He covers how to unfold the crane, tests lifts, all whilst using the swivel hook attachment.

The video is also relevant for Brick Grab & Clamshell training if you were to complete the training to get a grab lorry job or work for a builders merchants doing multidrop!


Hiab Lorry Loader Training Course
Two Attachments! Novice

£ 725 2 days
  • If you have little or no experience then a Novice Course is right for you. If you are unsure, call our office and we can discuss which course is right for you.

Hiab Lorry Loader Training Course
Two Attachments! Refresher

£ 425 1 day
  • If you just need refresher training then a one day Experienced Course will be enough where we can cover the attachments you need.


If you need a Lorry Loader certificate or you need your drivers trained, call NDC 020 8688 4666 where our team can advise you.

ALLMI – Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers www.allmi.com

CSCS – Constructors Skills Certificate Scheme www.cscs.uk.com

Cartoon of 2 men next to lorry loader

You will be instructed on:

  • Legislation
  • Introduction to the Loader Crane
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Operator Maintenance
  • Lifting Equipment / Attachments
  • Siting the Loader Crane
  • Deployment of Stabiliser Legs
  • Use of Controls
  • Preparing the Loader Crane for Use
  • Operating the Loader Crane
  • Stowing Procedures


Man standing looking at lorry loader

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