HGV 7.5 tonne LGV C1 Lorry Training in London

  • HGV 7.5 tonne Lorry Training or LGV C1 7.5t  Lorry Training Courses with our ‘All Inclusive Packages’ are from only £1,370 inc vat
  • FREE initial CPC saving over £350 for your HGV 7.5 tonne licence not an additional extra as with others!
  • NDC is a Government Approved Test Centre so you can train and test at the same location for your LGV C1 licence!
  • Find out ‘How to become a C1 LGV driver?’ call NDC to get yiur C1 licence!
  • For C1 driving lessons near you, call NDC
  • With over 700 ***** reviews, you will be trained by the experts for your C1 lorry licence at our purpose-built centre in Croydon!
  • Contact us below to get your C1 provisional entitlement and we will send you all the forms you need!
  •  Call for your FREE driving assessment for your C1 lorry training!
  • Your C1 driving lesson costs can be kept down to a minimum with our unique ‘All Inclusive Package!’
  • If you have already passed some theory tests then we will deduct that amount from your course fee!
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If you want to drive a vehicle over 3.5 ton but below 7.5 tonne you will need a C1 category 7.5 tonne licence. Your C1 lorry driver training is done in our Iveco Daily, it is a great and simple vehicle to learn in giving you confidence throughout your course with us.

The test and course are exactly the same as for the LGV C category lorry so consideration should be given as to what vehicle and reason you wish to drive a 7.5-ton vehicle as the LGV C category or HGV Class 2 licence will give you a far better qualification due to its larger size and therefore a better job opportunity.

Your Initial CPC is now INCLUDED in your course saving you over £350!!

Click here on What do I need to do? to find put what is involved in becoming an LGV C1 7.5 tonne driver.

Choose NDC as your C1 driving school!

Your ‘All Inclusive’
LGV C1 Lorry Training is for a full 4 days testing from our own approved DVSA test centre in Croydon.

LGV C1 / HGV 7.5 tonne lorry licence training includes:

  • FREE driving assessment for your C1 driving lessons
  • On-site FREE parking at our purpose built training centre in Croydon
  • All three of your theory tests (including Mod 2 case studies for FREE)
  • Four days intensive LGV C1 training
  • Your LGV C1 driving test
  • Module 4 tuition and test (this completed for FREE during your training)
  • Compare us with other trainers and then call NDC!
  • If you have already passed some theory tests, we will deduct that amount from your course fee
7.5 tonne lorry with National Driving Centre signage

Test where you train as we are a DVSA Government Approved Test Centre C1+E  

If you wish to pull a trailer, then you must have first completed the C1 licence before you are allowed to take the C1+E training and test.

Your C1 licence cost need not be a fortune with our ‘All Inclusive Package’

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LGV/HGV Cat C1 7.5 tonne lorry with National driving Centre signage

HGV 7.5 tonne Lorry Training
LGV C1 7.5 tonne Lorry Training

£ 1460 4 days
Incl CPC 2&4
LGV/HGV Cat C1 7.5 tonne lorry with National driving Centre signage

HGV 7.5 tonne Lorry Training
LGV C1 7.5 tonne Lorry Training

£ 1355 4 days
Excl CPC 2&4

HGV C1+E 7.5 tonne Training
LGV C1+E Training

£ 985 3 days

What do I need to do?

  • Call NDC for all the forms you need for your provisional C1 Licence application
  • Have a LGV HGV Drivers’ Medical with an doctor to say that you are fit and well to drive a C1 lorry. Search ‘LGV medicals’ online – it’s cheaper!
  • Apply to DVLA for the provisional LGV C1 provisional entitlement which allows you to drive a C1 Lorry as a learner
  • Come and meet us at the National Driving Centre for your FREE assessment to ensure our five-day intensive course will be suitable for you
  • CPC Module 2 plus multiple choice and hazard perception theory tests are all booked for you on the same day at the local theory test centre
  • Receive the dates for your five-day C1 lorry training course
  • Your LGV C1 driving test is on the last day of your course with your FREE CPC module 4 test incorporated during that week
  • It’s a GREAT DEAL!



The National Driving Centre is a Government Approved LGV PCV Driving Test Centre.

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