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  • All Inclusive Courses’ from less than you thinksimply click on your training vehicle to get started!
  • FREE initial CPC saving over £350 and FREE theory tests with our ‘All Inclusive Packages!’ not an additional cost as with others
  • Find out ‘How to become a lorry bus driver’ by giving NDC a call to our friendly team and get started!
  • NDC is a Government Approved Test Centre so you can train and test at the same location for your LGV PCV licence!
  • With over 600 ***** reviews, you will be trained by the experts at our purpose-built centre in Croydon!
  • To get LGV PCV driving lessons near me, call NDC today 020 8688 4666
  • Your HGV PCV driving lesson costs can be kept down to a minimum with our unique ‘All Inclusive Package!’
  • Contact us below to get your provisional entitlement and we will send you all the forms!
  • Call for your FREE assessment to get your LGV PCV driving licence!
  • Thousands of others have passed their LGV PCV driving test with NDC – so why not YOU?
  • Check out our Facebook and Google reviews to see what others thought of their success at NDC!
It's that simple!

If you need to get your:

  • HGV Class 1 Licence
  • C+E Licence
  • HGV Class 2 Licence
  • LGV C Lorry Licence
  • Bus Licence or
  • D1 Minibus Licence

Then read our reviews on Google and Facebook to see what others have achieved and what they thought of their success at NDC!

To get your HGV LGV driving licence or your PCV Bus driving licence at the right training cost, the National Driving Centre can provide you with our ‘All Inclusive’ guaranteed price so, 

‘What you see … is what you pay!’

ALL INCLUSIVE COURSES with No hidden costs!

"Test where you train"

NDC is a unique Driver Training Company

Choose and click on your category!

  • One day Lorry Loader training courses start from only £425 for experienced and two day courses at only £725 (ex vat) for novice operators!
  • All courses include the ALLMI Operators Manual and your registration with ALLMI within the price.
  • It is not an extra you have to pay on top of your practical course!

Why Choose Us?

  • All InclusiveNO HIDDEN COSTS
  • CPC included in the price (not an extra)
  • Over 50 years experience
  • Purpose built training centre in Croydon
  • Government Approved Test Centre
  • Train and test at the same place
  • If you have already passed some theory tests then we will deduct that amount from your course fee.

How do I get my HGV Class 2 Licence

How do I get my LGV Lorry Licence?

How do I get my

PCV Bus Licence?

How do I get my

C1 Ambulance Paramedic Driving Licence?

How do I get my

PCV D1 Minibus Licence?

Costs can vary between £1,000 and £3,000 depending on whether you choose an agency or a LGV training school, the location and what is included within your training. To ensure you get the right training course for you, research thoroughly and compare like with like.

 See our full list of prices here.

Apply to the DVSA for your provisional licence by phoning NDC and we will send you all the information and forms that you will need. Book an LGV PCV drivers’ medical with an online doctor. This will cost you about £55. Search LGV PCV medicals.

Fill out the forms and tick both categories C and D (lorry and bus) even if you only want the one category do the other one because in the future if you change your mind, it will save you money as you now have all the provisional categories.

Send all the forms off with your licence to the DVLA. Remember you will need a ‘large class stamp’. Your licence will be returned within roughly ten days.

Call NDC for a driving assessment in the vehicle of your choice.

This is FREE as we believe that you should meet us and we can meet you so we can assess your current driving ability and to ensure that you choose the correct course.

There is no obligation to continue if you don’t want to. It’s FREE.

Anywhere between four and seven days. You will be told during your assessment.

Usually five days for a C (lorry) or C+E (artic) and seven days for D (bus) and four days for C1 (7.5-ton lorry) or D1 (minibus).

Not with NDC. However, be careful with other companies and especially with LGV/PCV agencies or brokers.

Another training company or agency may quote the cost for a 5-day course at £1150 and you think – that’s a good price but what they don’t tell you is:
Assessments – are they FREE?

You should always have a driving assessment to make sure of your ability and that you are doing the right course for you. They are FREE at NDC.
Theory tests – are they extra?
CPC module 2 – is that extra?
CPC module 4 – is that extra? (you can’t drive professionally without this qualification)
Does another company or agency want to give you a half or full day course to teach you module 4 and charge you a small fortune for it?
Should you need a retest – how much are they?
What a complete waste of time and money!
At NDC we teach you the syllabus while you are with us saving you time and money with your test conveniently during your course.

All these additional costs are included in your All Inclusive course at NDC.

Quite simply – ask them and see what they have to say for themselves.
Are you an agency or a broker?

The agency route may suit you but all we say is be careful and establish
the true cost:

  • what’s included
  • where you will be training
  • when will you be training

before handing over your credit card as it will be one of the first things they ask for!

From sending off your provisional licence forms to taking your practical test – about six weeks with NDC.

NDC is conveniently situated in Croydon, south London and is on all major bus, train and tram routes.

National Driving Centre, Territorial Army Barracks, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR0 3RU.

020 8688 4666.

Unlike other training companies that can meet you in the street or other unsuitable locations, NDC has their own purpose-built training centre with ample free secure parking on site.

NDC have their own purpose built training and test centre in Croydon, south London. With reception, classrooms, reversing area and all other training requirements are on site. We even include FREE tea and coffee in the students’ classroom!

Quite simply – convenience for NDC and familiarity for you. There are very few HGV LGV PCV test centres in and around London, the nearest being Enfield or Guildford.
Being a government approved test centre allows us to train and test from our own premises in Croydon.

It allows us to organise our own tests when we want them for our own students.

We have greater access and control of the tests, so if you should, unfortunately, need a retest, for example, you don’t have to wait for weeks as you might with others trainers. We have our own bank of tests.

More importantly, your training time is not spent travelling to and from a test centre which may be miles away.

Staff in National Driving Centre's reception
Five red buses parked together

It all may seem very confusing just to drive a big vehicle. With all the tests and the meaning of lots of different things it can seem quite complicated but in fact, it’s really simple once it’s broken it down into small pieces.

All you questions big or small are answered here. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions.


The National Driving Centre is a Government Approved Driving Test Centre.

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Your vehicle awaits!

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“I want my lorry licence, how do I start?”

Do you have the provisional entitlement on your licence to drive a lorry?

Have you had a medical and sent D2/D4 application forms off with your driving licence to the DVLA in the past applying for your LGV provisional?

If you’re not sure, then you realistically don’t have the LGV provisional entitlement. This is your first step!

"I don’t have the LGV provisional entitlement yet"

"I have my LGV provisional entitlement"

We’ll be here every step of the way to help you get your lorry licence.

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