HGV Class 1 C+E Training in London

  • HGV Class 1 / LGV C+E Training with our All Inclusive Courses are from only £1,350!
  • NDC is a Government Approved Test Centre so you can train and test at the same location for your LGV C+E licence!
  • With over 400 ***** reviews, you will be trained by the experts for your Artic Lorry Licence at our purpose built centre in Croydon!
  • So the price you see – is the price you pay!
  • So book to your FREE assessment to get your Class 1 Licence – call us – NOW!
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If you want your HGV Class 1 licence, you must already have the LGV C category lorry licence first.

To get your LGV C+E licence you will drive our automatic Mercedes Axor 1840 tractor unit which is coupled to a tri-axle trailer giving the maximum permitted test length of 16 metres. 

You will not need any further HGV Class 1 training if you choose to pass your test with a tractor unit and trailer combination such as this.

REMEMBER: Generally, your new employer will expect you to be able to handle and be assessed in a full-sized HGV artic unit.


Your ‘All Inclusive’ HGV Class 1 C+E Training Course is for a full 5 days, training and testing at our own approved DVSA test centre in Croydon.

HGV Class 1 Training
C+E Training

£ 1,350 5 days

HGV Class 1 Training
C+E Training

£ 1,465 5 days

Your course includes:

  • FREE C+E Driving assessment prior to your course
  • Five days Artic Lorry Training tuition
  • Practical test LGV C+E lorry test
  • Training and testing at our Government Approved Test Centre in Croydon
  • Fantasic convenience and value!
  • Compare us with other trainers for your Artic Lorry Licence
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Driver who has just passed his test sitting in driver seat of lorry holding certificate

The National Driving Centre is a Government Approved LGV PCV Driving Test Centre. The only combined training and test centre in London.

For your HGV Class 1 & LGV C+E licence


You will be training in this Mercedes Artic unit and trailer for your


HGV Class1 licence!

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