C1 7.5 tonne Driving licence Explained?

How do I get my C1 7.5 tonne provisional driving licence?

The easiest way is to search www.gov.uk/dvlaforms  and request the D2 (licence application) and the D4 (medical application). Fill out the D2 by ticking boxes C and D to give you both entitlements even if you only want the one. Search on line for LGV PCV medicals for a local specialist doctor that will be much cheaper than your own GP for completion your D4 medical form. Once completed send them to the DVLA (application is FREE) and in 10 days it will be returned. You can now drive a lorry as a learner.

How do I become an C1 7.5 tonne lorry driver?

Once you have your provisional C1 driving licence you will need to take three theory tests. Multiple Choice test (85/100) Hazard Perception test (67/100) CPC Module 2 Case Studies (40/50). Take LGV HGV driving lessons and pass the practical driving test at a DVSA approved LGV HGV test centre. You also have to pass the Module 4 Practical Demonstration test (80% with no less than 10% in each category).