How to become a Lorry Driver!
Easier, cheaper and quicker than you’d think…

NEW JOB TIME? If you have decided now is the time for a shake up, chances are when looking at alternative careers you would of come across becoming a lorry driver. And why not, with a comparatively low training cost to get into this career which offers flexibility and constant changes of location and scenery, lorry driving should be given more than just a quick look…

If you already think becoming an HGV driver is for you then have a look at our STEP BY STEP video guide below on how to start your LGV journey.

If you are still unsure whether a career in the LGV industry is for you or the Lorry application process confuses you, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below to give you the important information to guide you to a decision.

Is being an HGV driver a good job?

Yes! Maybe no. But this is the same for any job within any industry! What if you are a Doctor and don’t like blood? Great job, but probably not for you. It is the same with lorry driving. If you like driving and enjoy seeing new things every day then this is a great first indicator getting a lorry job is a career that may well suit you.

How do you get a lorry Licence UK? What qualifications do I need to be an HGV driver?

If you have your Category B (Car licence), are over 18 years old and are passed medically fit then that is the base requirement to begin training. 

The process looks like this:

Step 1
Request and complete the D2 application forms to put the correct Lorry entitlement on your licence as a learner. This happens at the same time as you take the D4 form to a doctor to be passed medically fit to drive a larger vehicle
Step 1
Step 2

Start revising for your LGV theory tests (Multiple choice, Hazard perception & CPC) while waiting to receive your licence back from the DVLA

Step 2
Step 3

Pass your LGV theory tests to then be able to take your practical driving and CPC test from your lorry training.

Step 3
Step 4

You now have your lorry licence and CPC qualification. It’s job time!

Step 4

How long does it take to become a lorry driver?

Typically between 6-8 weeks. A lot of the time can be spent waiting for the DVLA to put the provisional entitlement on your licence and then returning your new licence. Sometimes 3+ weeks for a variety of reasons. Use this time wisely to revise thoroughly for your LGV theory tests. Practical HGV training UK wide will usually be Monday – Friday or a timescale similar over 5 days for a candidate with no prior experience of driving larger vehicles.

*USEFUL TIP* – As soon as you want to become a lorry driver and you request the application forms, START REVISING. You will then be ready to take your LGV theory tests the moment your new licence is posted back to you! Saving you time overall.

How much does it cost to become a lorry driver?

The short answer – absolutely no more than £1800.00 – £2000.00. That is anywhere in the UK. Including one of the priciest areas like London. We say this as a general rule of thumb because you may benefit from extra training and a training provider may suggest some extra time to ensure you have the best chance to pass your LGV test first time. If you take shortcuts with your training and don’t complete what you should then that money you’ve saved in training will more than likely be used for retests!

*USEFUL TIP* If not training with the National Driving Centre, beware of brokers / agencies. Companies that don’t have any of their own facilities, staff or vehicles. You think you are speaking to a genuine training company but all they are is a middleman that will charge you more to send you to a genuine HGV training company and take money off the top for themselves. Always go directly to a training provider and ask them questions about their vehicles and service to be sure.

Is lorry driving good money? What is the highest paying truck driver job? How many hours do lorry drivers work?

These three questions are asked most frequently because if you’re looking into a new job / career then this is vital information. How much of my time will I be trading for what amount of money! 

Here are the things you need to consider:

  • Location – Working in Central London with the higher cost of living will usually result in a higher salary than if you were in the north west corner of Scotland. Have a look at your local driver jobs and assess what looks reasonable to achieve.
  • Which licence you have – If you have Class 1 / C+E with ADR then you will be earning more than a Class 2 / Category C driver. However you can add things to your rigid Class 2 licence like HIAB training (rear mounted crane) that will boost your earning potential. 
  • Your own feelings towards money earned and time spent working – This is the most important feedback we have received over the years from the LGV industry. You could earn £40,000+ a year as a lorry driver sure. But it is highly likely that if you don’t already have lots of experience, further licences and additional courses, you will be working 6+ days a week to arrive at that kind of salary. Which if you love lorry driving shouldn’t be a problem! But something to consider if you have a family and other commitments. 

We made another video on this very subject and asked a selection of LGV drivers exactly what they earned!

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