How much do lorry drivers earn?

If you’re looking into HGV training and getting your lorry licence, chances are you have asked yourself how much can lorry drivers earn. After all you don’t want to spend any of your hard-earned money to gain your LGV licence and then not know what the job situation looks like.

The three categories you can drive under the ‘LGV’ umbrella are 7.5 tonne/C1, Category C/Class 2 and Categories C+E/Class 1. The LGV jobs you can expect within these categories, starting with the smallest (7.5 tonne/C1), range from small removal services all the way up to long haul logistics with your Class 1 licence. Naturally the salary for these lorry jobs will vary because with the Class 1/C+E you need to have been on two lorry training courses and passed two DVSA driving tests to gain the Class 1/C+E licence, whereas the 7.5 tonne/C1 is your entry level LGV licence. Having said this the bulk of lorry jobs in the UK are within the Category C/Class 2 sector. Let’s find out how much a lorry driver can earn, according to the job sites.

How much can I earn with a 7.5 tonne/C1 Licence?

£10.71 ph

£22,492 / £10.71 ph

What job kind of lorry job can I get with a C1 licence?

With the C1 licence, you are looking at jobs such as removals, refuse collection and small deliveries.

How much can I earn with a Category C/Class 2 18 tonne licence?

£25,000 / £12.02 ph

£27,263 / £13.00ph

£28,158 / £13.46ph

What kind of lorry job can I get with a Class 2 licence?

With the Class 2 licence, you could secure a great lorry job across many different sectors. Short-haul to international distribution and logistics. Great if you like to see new things and travel around. If you have your HIAB/lorry loader operator licence then you could do pallet deliveries, building supplies, muck away/grab work. This extra crane course could quite easily generate a larger salary or per hour wage than the above statistics.

How much can I earn with a Class 1/C+E licence?

£31,787 / £15.28ph

£28,600 / £13.75ph

£40,000 – £45,000 / £20ph is not uncommon for Class 1 drivers to be earning.

What kind of lorry job can I get with a Class 1 licence?

As said earlier, with the Class 1 licence you will be paid the most out of all three LGV Categories because you have had double the amount of HGV training and taken two DVSA tests. More experience = more money. Typical driving jobs would be for large scale food delivery, long haul distribution and logistics as well as tanker work. However, with tanker work, you would need further training to gain your ADR qualification.

Below is a video we made to match the salaries to the chosen lorry so you can clearly see what salary is associated with each vehicle category. We then go out into South London to ask current lorry drivers how much they earn and whether they like their jobs. The results were very interesting! 


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