Bus Driving Licences Explained?

How do I become a Bus Driver?

Complete the DVLA D2 (licence application) and D4 (medical form) then send them to the DVLA. Take three theory tests; Multiple Choice; Hazard perception; CPC Mod 2 Case Studies. Take a practical driving course. Two practical tests: CPC Module 4 Demonstration test; Module 3 the practical drive.

How much does it cost for Bus Training?

Costs can vary between £1,000 and £3,000 depending on whether you choose an agency or a PCV training school, the location of the training and what is included within that training. To ensure you get the right training course for you, research thoroughly and compare like with like.

What is the difference between PSV and PCV?

There is no difference between a PSV licence and a PCV licence, they mean the exactly the same! Public Service Vehicle (PSV) is an older term and Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) is a newer EU term.