HGV training: new year, new career - or train just in case?

Your next job could be in logistics

As a major disruptor of careers, Coronavirus is probably unsurpassed. Many people are reviewing their options and considering future job security. Redundancies are already affecting thousands, and 2021 will surely bring more.

What’s surprising is that so many are pivoting away from their chosen occupation and moving into uncharted territory – from commercial pilots to publicans, people are looking to HGV training to introduce them to a whole new career.

flat vector illustration of hgv lorry driver delivering goods on trolley

A great back-up option

It has perhaps taken a world pandemic to highlight just how much we rely on HGV transportation to bring essential goods into the UK, from foods to PPE and now vaccines too. And this demand means there’s no shortage of work in the haulage industry, which must hold particular appeal for anyone who has watched their career disappear as hospitality, high street retail and other sectors contract.

With the right training and skills, drivers can build a successful and well-paid career in logistics, while an HGV licence can also be a great back-up option for those who are worried they may lose their job with the coming recession. And if you’re looking for something that’s definitely not 9-5, and a skill that can take you all over the world, HGV training is a strong contender. Your skill will always be in demand and once you’ve got the qualification and the experience, you can more or less suit yourself as to where and when you work. Job satisfaction is also strong, because you know you’re making a real difference, doing a job that most of us rely on – day in, day out.

“I wish I’d done it ten years ago”

At National Driving Centre we work with hundreds of people every year who are looking for the flexibility and freedom – and of course the job security – of being a lorry driver. But what comes across more than anything when we talk to drivers about their work is just how much they enjoy it. One man summed it up when asked if he was glad he’d taken his HGV training: “I wish I’d done it years ago,” he said.

If you’d like to find out more about how much lorry drivers earn and why truck drivers love what they do, take a look at our video below.

Made your mind up?

What you should do next.

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